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Staying in great shape, being loved desired and inspiring people around you is easy with our new machine cosmetology treatments. They are a real beauty secret of confident and successful modern women. Lantan Cosmetology and Esthetic Medicine Clinic offers the latest innovations in beauty treatment and technology. Using their high qualifications and great level of knowledge and experience, the specialists who work for the clinic create their own treatments and methods.

One of Lantan’s latest innovations is aquadermagenes, a unique beauty treatment that can dramatically change your look. The treatment consists of two procedures: bio-peeling and hydrolifting. Not only it rejuvenates your skin, but also helps get rid of not age related flaws, such as shine, large pores, black dots, dull complexion, scars and pigment spots. First your cosmetologist would deeply cleanse your skin using bio-abrasives, the best material for removing dead cells that stop your skin from breathing and make it look unhealthy. After that young and fresh skin layer absorbs a cocktail of vitamins herbal extracts and microelements under high pressure. Just 4 procedures can award you with beautiful youthful skin.

Lantan proudly present another sensational innovation in machine cosmetology, based on the 2003 Noble prize winning scientific discovery - CYTOS-jet. The principal of the new method is putting DNA-RNA molecules through the special cell-diaphragm that prevents skin from aging on biological level and even turns back the clock. CYTOS-jet without a doubt is a beauty time machine. During the procedure epidermis is treated with special invisible impulse that dilates cell membrane channels for a short period of time. DNA-RNA infused serum applied afterward works wonders on the skin cells. A series of CYTOS-jet treatments uplifts your skin, makes it look toned and dramatically improves complexion as well as smoothes fine lines. It is very effective and long lasting.

Non surgical SMAS-facelift is an innovative Ulthera System ultrasound lifting offered by Lantan. It is aimed at treating face muscles and muscle fascia tissue with ultrasound on three different levels. Concentrated ray of ultrasound tones and uplifts muscle and fascia with the results similar to traditional surgical facelift. Ulthera System treatment gives skin an uplift on muscular level and is suitable for all forms of ageing and peculiarities of facial structure. Doctors at Lantan control the level of ultrasound by using dermascanning equipment and make sure the treatment provides best results possible.

Ulthera System ultrasound facelift technology is the first machine cosmetic treatment registered with FDA in “Facelift” category.

Innovations of machine cosmetology offered by Lantan Cosmetology and Esthetic Medicine Clinic are always the leading ones in the beauty industry.


This certificate is given to Lantan Cosmetology and Esthetic Medicine Clinic as Russia’s unique and exclusive specialist in using SLIM EVOLUTION MIXTO SX (LASERING) system.
AIRGENT 2008 TOP PERFORMER The world’s best clinic at working with AIRgent cosmetic beauty treatment.
Russia’s first Health and Beauty award GRATSYA to Rybinskaya Nina Germanovna, the best specialist in machine cosmetology.
Russia’s first Health and Beauty award GRATSYA to Lantan, the best clinic specialising in machine cosmetology.
A certificate of a member of “Moscow’s Best” list organized by Moscow Society of Consumer Protection
For impact in developing consumer market in Russia.
Certificate of a member of “Russia’s Best” list organized by the Society of Consumer Protection of Russia
Grand Prix Europe - 97
1997 Grand Prix Europe in Cosmetic surgery in Monaco