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The management of Lantan Clinic made their business policy to constantly monitor the scientific development of Cosmetology and Esthetic Medicine industry, adopt best new technologies and update the tools. Lantan has often been the first medical establishment to introduce innovations to Russia. Some of our technologies are exclusive in this country. Lantan constantly invest into education our specialists to update their knowledge and skills according to the industry’s progress. As an example, Lantan were extremely proud to receive the AIRGENT 2008 TOP PERFORMER award that named us the world’s best clinic in working with AIRgent cosmetic beauty treatment.

Lantan is the most critically acclaimed clinic in Russia that received many internationally recognized awards and certificates. The year 1997 was the most notable time for the clinic as we received to European Beauty industry awards:

 - Grand Prix in cosmetology in Madrid, Spain

 - Grand Prix Europe in Cosmetic surgery in Monaco

Today Lantan Cosmetology and Esthetic Medicine Clinic is one of the country’s leading centers for Beauty treatments that consists of three main departments: Cosmetic Surgery, Machine Cosmetology and Cosmetic Medicine. The clinic’s employees are the best specialists in their field, fully qualified and internationally acclaimed plastic surgeons and beauty therapists. The skin rejuvenation and beauty treatments we have to offer use the leading technologies in the world Cosmetology and Esthetic Medicine Industry today. We are proud of our Cosmetic equipment and machinery that run up to the highest European standards. The quality of our specialists and equipment allows us to be the first and the best.

Based on years of successful practice, specialists at Lantan strongly believe that patients require special conditions to rest and care after any kind of cosmetic surgery. The clinic has a great ward where recovery patients can stay for as long as required and receive special professional care.

In 2008 the clinic was awarded with “GRATSIA” price as the best medical institution that practices machine cosmetology. The head doctor of the clinic Rybinskaya Nina Germanovna was awarded as the best specialist in this field. Lantan was awarded as a member of “Moscow’s Best” more than once.